Mary Ellen’s Story

Mary Ellen, from Shelby Township, is a breast cancer survivor who has found a family behind the red front door at Gilda’s Club. She is currently involved with the quilting group which meets every Thursday. Mary Ellen calls this group of ladies her family. Mary Ellen has been a part of the Gilda’s Family for 17 years.

When Mary Ellen was diagnosed with breast cancer she felt like she was handling the diagnosis well, until the news that her husband had a terminal illness pummeled her. Upon her husband’s death she attended a support group at Gilda’s Club to help her deal with all the pain and grief she was experiencing.

She knew she found the right place, when a Gilda’s Club staff member said it was okay to cry. For the first time since her diagnosis she felt safe to let it all out.

“Gilda’s is a place where you can come and you’re always welcome. There’s always someone to talk to you and the coffee pot is always on,” she said.
Mary Ellen’s favorite part of Gilda’s Club is the friends she has made through the years, the welcoming feeling she has when she walks in the door and the emotional support she receives from her Gilda’s family.

“There’s so much help here…emotional help. Gilda’s was here when I needed them,” Mary Ellen said.

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